Alonzo A. Daughtry Memorial Day Care Center was founded in 1970 by the House of the Lord Church in response to requests from community residents stating a need for child care. Incorporated by the State of New York and licensed by the City of New York Department of Health. the program for thirty children, which was initially located in the church, moved to the Y.W.C.A in 1972. It operated at that located for 25 years before relocating to other locations. 


The center has been funded since late 1971 by the City, State, and Federal Governments through New York's Administration for Children's Services. Food services has been funded through the New York State Child and Adult Food Care Program (C.A.C.F.P.). In 2001, the program received additional funding for Universal Pre-Kindergarten (U.P.K.) from the New York City Department of Education (D.O.E.). Our present center, opened with City Council Discretionary Funding provided through the offices of Council Member Stephen Levin in September 2014, and with Early Learn funding being added in 2015. 

The center is governed by a Board of Directors which oversees programming and which has fiduciary responsibility for the successful operation of the program. The Board of Directors proved funding to enrich the center's program in areas where the funds provided by traditional funding sources are limited. This includes funding for instructional materials, classroom enhancements, educational consultants, and transportation for trips.