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Certified Teachers
Melissa Marcano
Magnolia Mutuc
Karelle Sellers

Teachers Aide
Jermaine Coles
Dyamond Garcia
Sundaye Gardener
Dean Hostler
Olucina Oduba
Erica Washington

Nutrition Staff
Earline Davis  
Ida Neal

Custodial Staff
James Edwards

Substitute Staff
Celestine Wilson


Dr. Karen S. Daughtry

** Board of Directors
Gwendolyn E. Wilson, Chairperson
Carol McIntosh
Caleb Miller
M'Balia Rubie-Miller
Yvonne C. Rubie
Zakiya Russ
Linwood Smith
Peggy Washington

** The Board of Directors of Alonzo A. Daughtry Memorial Day Care Center, Inc. is made up of people from various backgrounds. It consists of parents whose children have graduated from the center, parents whose children are presently attending, members of the House of the Lord Church (the founding organization) and members of the community.