Hours 3:00 p.m. - 5:45 p.m.
Eligible participants must be enrolled in our center's Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) Program.

Where and how children spend their time is vital to their growth and success in life. At Alonzo A. Daughtry Memorial Day Care Center we help kids reach their potential and thrive in a safe, trustworthy setting. We offer an aftercare curriculum that aligns with the school day and supports growth in literacy, math, and science while infusing the arts, physical activity, and fun. Our curriculum appeals to kids and teaches confidence, encourages self-expression, and enriches social development.

Our aftercare program is specifically for UPK Program participants, and has an hourly based fee to provide consistency in our programs. 

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As any working parent can tell you, the need for a safe learning environment doesn’t necessarily end with the regular school day. But beyond simple childcare, our Center's programs offer education and enrichment activities that make learning fun.

Alonzo A. Daughtry Memorial Day Care Center's Aftercare Program is designed to support and strengthen the regular classwork of participating students, these programs cover core subjects such as reading, math and science, but also may offer opportunities to explore new interests and develop healthy lifestyles. Some students receive services an average of 15 hours per week.

These Services May Include:

  • Reading skills development and enhancement
  • Math or science skills development and enhancement
  • Computer literacy and skills development
  • Academic mentoring or tutorial assistance
  • Sports or leisure opportunities